GBA rule of law action plan released

Tse Chin-wan visits bay area

Secretary for Environment & Ecology Tse Chin-wan today visited the energy facilities of the China Southern Power Grid in Zhuhai and Nansha, Guangzhou, in the Greater Bay Area.


At the Guishan Offshore Wind Farm in Zhuhai, Mr Tse received a briefing on the development background and operation of the facilities.


He then proceeded to Nansha, Guangzhou, to view the “Multi-in-One” micro energy grid - the first demonstration project of China-Finland energy co-operation.


Commissioned in 2022, the project is equipped with facilities such as solid oxide fuel cells, a solar thermal heating system and a bedrock energy storage system, that enable it to contribute to the research and improvement of energy utilisation efficiency. The ultimate aim is to achieve energy saving and carbon emission reduction.


Mr Tse also visited the Xiaohu Island Electric Hydrogen Smart Energy Station in Nansha, Guangzhou.


In operation since March last year, the station is a demonstration project under the National Key Research & Development Programme.


It is also the first grid-side energy storage type hydrogen refueling station on the Mainland to utilise solid-state hydrogen storage technology.


The environment chief also exchanged experiences with the relevant staff on the applications of the energy facilities that he visited today.


He returned to Hong Kong in the evening.