GBA rule of law action plan released

Waste charging promoted in schools

Secretary for Environment & Ecology Tse Chin-wan and Under Secretary for Education Sze Chun-fai today viewed Yaumati Kaifong Association School's educational activities on municipal solid waste (MSW) charging.


They browsed information boards on MSW charging and participated in a quiz game with 80 students from Yaumati Kaifong Association School and TKDS Fong Shu Chuen School.


Mr Tse noted: “MSW charging will be implemented on April 1. Our implementation strategy is firstly, through education as nurturing the public to develop the habit of clean recycling is particularly important. Therefore, we attach great importance to the promotion and educational work at the school level.”


The Environmental Protection Department will distribute a 15-litre pre-paid designated bag to each primary school student in Hong Kong progressively, so they can share the MSW charging information at home with their families.


The department will also arrange for publicity materials on MSW charging, including posters, banners and electronic leaflets, to be displayed in all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and distribute the materials to students, staff and parent groups by email.