GBA rule of law action plan released

CJ upbeat on foreign judges

Chief Justice Andrew Cheung today gave an upbeat assessment on the recruitment of suitable retired judges from other jurisdictions to serve in Hong Kong, following a successful experience last year.

Addressing media questions about finding foreign judges for the Court of Final Appeal (CFA), the chief justice said Mr Justice Patrick Keane, an Australia justice who was appointed a CFA Non-Permanent Judge last year, has been well-satisfied with his experience in Hong Kong.

“The views of foreign countries, particularly western countries, regarding the state of the rule of law in Hong Kong, are of course of some importance to people living in those countries, particularly potential judges or retired judges who might be invited to join our Court of Final Appeal as foreign judges, but I am very happy to say that, take last year as an example, we were very happy and pleased to be able to appoint a new Non-Permanent Judge from Australia.

“Mr Justice Patrick Keane, before his retirement last year, sat on the highest court in Australia.

“He joined our Court of Final Appeal last year and he sat in several appeals heard last year. From my interaction with him, he is very satisfied with the experience.

“Now we are continuing with our efforts to recruit suitable retired judges from other jurisdictions to join our court here in Hong Kong.”