GBA rule of law action plan released

Algernon Yau meets Beijing officials

Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Algernon Yau met with two Beijing officials as he continued his visit to the city today.


In the morning, Mr Yau met with Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau Deputy Director-General Li Yanling to discuss ties and exchange views on attracting enterprises and investment, as well as promoting external trade.


Mr Yau said that Hong Kong, with its distinctive advantages and ideal business environment under “one country, two systems”, is the best location for both overseas and Mainland enterprises to establish a business foothold.


He explained that Hong Kong will continue to fully utilise its strengths as an international trade and financial centre and proactively play a bridging role between the Mainland and the world to attract overseas enterprises to invest in the Mainland, while assisting Mainland enterprises to tap into overseas markets.


In the afternoon, Mr Yau called on National Radio & Television Administration (NRTA) Vice Minister Yang Guorui to update him on developments in Hong Kong’s broadcasting industry.


Mr Yau highlighted that, with the staunch support of the NRTA, a number of liberalisation measures facilitating co-operation between the broadcasting industries of the Mainland and Hong Kong have been implemented under the framework of the Mainland & Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement.


The measures have opened up more opportunities for the development of Hong Kong's broadcasting industry and enabled Hong Kong audiences to enjoy more quality television programmes co-produced with the Mainland, thereby promoting people-to-people bonds, he said.


Mr Yau also expressed his wish to further deepen collaboration between the two broadcasting industries, and to strengthen talent and technical exchanges, with a view to promoting the joint development of the cultural industries of Hong Kong and the Mainland.