GBA rule of law action plan released

Labour chief inspects work site

Secretary for Labour & Welfare Chris Sun visited a construction site today to urge contractors, employers and workers to pay attention to work safety.


In light of the recent spate of fatal and serious work accidents in the construction industry, the Labour Department set up Special Task Forces to conduct inspections and enforcement operations targeting construction sites, especially sites of new works and sites involving high-risk work processes, since late November to vigorously combat unsafe work practices on construction sites.


The Special Task Forces inspected more than 100 construction sites across the city from November 29 to December 8, with more than 150 improvement notices or suspension notices issued, including the suspension of lifting operations involving cranes on two construction sites.


About 120 prosecutions were also initiated, mainly involving work at height, lifting operation, personal protective equipment and electrical work.


Mr Sun said the Government spares no effort in ensuring construction site safety through inspection and enforcement, publicity and promotion, in addition to education and training.


“Not only the Government, but employers and employees also have the responsibility to ensure the occupational safety and health of construction workers,” he added.


Mr Sun called on contractors and employers of the construction industry to take adequate safety measures and strengthen the safety management system of construction sites.


Project managers, managerial staff and foremen of construction sites are encouraged to take the lead to conduct inspections regularly, while workers are also reminded to raise their safety awareness, protect their own safety at work and cherish their lives as well as that of their families.