GBA rule of law action plan released

Govt to give voters 'thank you' cards

The Government today announced that heartfelt touches will be added to polling day arrangements for the District Council (DC) election, including the presentation of “thank you” cards to voters after they cast their votes.


A card has been designed by civil servants and produced by the Government Logistics Department using environmentally friendly paper. Scenic spots and landmark sights in different districts all feature together beneath the Lion Rock, reflecting the idea that all districts in Hong Kong are joining hands to build a better community.


“Check-in” spots, in the form of foam boards designed for members of the public to photograph themselves in front of, will also be placed next to polling stations. The boards will consist of the Ballot Box Family election mascots: Blue Ballot, Red Ballot and Grandpa Ballot.


Meanwhile, a television station has released a song, “Build a Better Community Beneath the Lion Rock”, for the DC election.


The theme originates from the popular song “Beneath the Lion Rock”, but it has been given new lyrics. The song is sung by popular movie and television stars and encourages the public to build a better community and a better Hong Kong together.


Noting that the arrangements are designed to enhance the public’s experience of participating in the election, the Government urged voters to make good use of their ballots on December 10.