GBA rule of law action plan released

Country park designation gazetted

The Government gazetted a designation order today under the Country Parks Ordinance to designate the Robin's Nest Country Park.


Robin's Nest is located at Sha Tau Kok in the northeastern New Territories. The designated country park, adjacent to the boundary between Hong Kong and the Mainland, occupies an area of about 530 hectares.


Consisting of secondary woodland, shrubland and upland grassland, the country park is rich in biodiversity with many plant and animal species of high conservation value, such as red azalea, incense tree, Chinese grassbird and Chinese pipistrelle.


The Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department said designating Robin's Nest as a country park will confer on the Country & Marine Parks Authority statutory power and responsibilities to carry out management measures in the area concerned for conservation, recreation and education purposes.


The department noted that regulated under the Country Parks & Special Areas Regulations, the country park's biodiversity, natural environment, scenic landscape and cultural heritage resources will be better conserved.


Moreover, the country park is adjacent to the Shenzhen Wutong Mountain Scenic Area, contributing to the creation of a cross-boundary ecological corridor between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and promoting ecological integration between the two places.


The department further stated that the Lin Ma Hang Lead Mine site within the country park will be revitalised as an open museum to showcase the mining history and bat ecology to the public.


It added that recreational facilities such as a hiking trail network, picnic sites and viewing points, together with supporting facilities including notice boards, directional signs and rain shelters, will be provided at suitable locations in the park.


The draft map of the park was made available for public inspection from December last year to January this year. During the period, four objections were received. After conducting a hearing, the Country & Marine Parks Board rejected all the objections in whole.


The designation order concerning the park's approved map will be tabled at the Legislative Council on November 29 for negative vetting, and is expected to commence on March 1, 2024.