HK, Bahrain sign investment pact

Tse Chin-wan headed to Guangdong

Secretary for Environment & Ecology Tse Chin-wan will depart for a visit to Guangzhou and Zhaoqing tomorrow, and return on Thursday evening.   He will call on the Department of Agriculture & Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province to strengthen co-operation in agriculture and fisheries between Guangdong and Hong Kong. He will also visit Guanxing (Zhaoqing) Agricultural Technology’s aquaculture farm, the Guangdong International Fishery High Tech Park, the Vegetable Basket Project (Zengcheng) Customs Clearance Facilitation Zone and the Conghua Racecourse to learn about the latest developments in related industries.   During Mr Tse’s absence, Under Secretary for Environment & Ecology Diane Wong will be Acting Secretary.