GBA rule of law action plan released

Govt receives detailed train report

The Government today received the detailed investigation report submitted by the Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC) to the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) on the MTR Tsuen Wan Line train incident on November 13 last year.   The detailed investigation report indicated that the mounting bolts and nuts of a trackside metallic barrier broke due to serious corrosion, causing the metallic barrier to lean over to the track and the incident train hit the barrier.   After the incident, the MTRC inspected all similar barriers across the railway network at the EMSD's request to ensure the railway's safe operation.   In addition, the MTRC has enhanced the civil structure maintenance regime with specific maintenance given to the metallic barriers.   It is also conducting a comprehensive trackside infrastructure and equipment survey, which is expected to be completed by mid-May. The Government will continue to follow up with the survey.   The detailed report also made recommendations on detrainment and service arrangements, including the addition of a direct alert to the Operations Control Centre (OCC) on the deployment of a detrainment ramp and the enhancement of training to OCC and train staff. These are to ensure detrainment in a safe and orderly manner during an emergency.   The EMSD will closely follow up with the rail firm on the progress of implementing the various recommendations proposed in the report to prevent recurrence of similar incidents.   The Independent Monitoring Panel established by the Government has also started its work. The panel closely monitors the MTRC's comprehensive review on its asset management and maintenance regime to ensure the maintenance and operation management work keeps pace with the times, so as to maintain the safety and reliability of railway services in Hong Kong.