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Crew infection follow-up action urged

The Transport & Housing Bureau has directed Cathay Pacific Airways to seriously follow up on a matter involving three locally based cargo crew recently infected COVID-19.   The bureau today received the investigation report on the three recent imported cases of COVID-19 from Cathay Pacific.   It said that the bureau is deeply regretful of and can hardly accept the concerned cargo crew's non-compliance with the requirements of closed-loop operation during their layover at the outport concerned.   Though noting that these are individual cases, considering the severity of the incident, the bureau has directed the airline to follow up on the matter seriously and to make the best endeavour in preventing the occurrence of similar incidents.   The bureau noted that Cathay Pacific had implemented a series of enhancement measures upon request, including imposing daily post-arrival testing for returning air crew, stepping up the monitoring on air crew's compliance with the requirements of closed-loop operation during their layovers at outports, imposing more stringent restrictions on air crew's movements during their medical surveillance periods and promulgating clearer guidelines as well as requiring all air crew to receive the third doses of vaccines.   Considering that air cargo services are indispensable for the normal operation of society and for ensuring that the daily needs of citizens are met, the bureau has reminded all airlines to strictly comply with the anti-epidemic regulatory requirements and will continue to maintain close communication with the industry, it added.